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Middle Unit has children from Year 1 combined with children from Year 2. The children continue their learning through the Key Stage 1 curriculum.

The teaching is shared between Mrs Jordan, our Head of School, and Miss Sabine. They are supported by their Teaching Assistant Mrs Forrest. They create a vibrant and positive environment where the children are able to continue to flourish and grow in independence, as they follow a rich and progressive curriculum to become ready for KS2.

Our KS1 pupils continue to grow the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need to become active citizens of society and happy, curious life-long learners. We ensure that learning is accessible for all, and that children’s individual progress is valued.

Children learn to reflect on their own goals and develop a love of reading, writing and number. We make meaningful cross-curriculum links, follow the children’s interests and provide enhancement opportunities to engage each child and help them develop a love of learning.

In Middle Unit we continue to grow and celebrate a language-rich curriculum, as we know this is essential to the successful acquisition of skills and knowledge across the curriculum. All our children continue to enjoy teaching of systematic, synthetic phonics. Their love of reading is further grown with planned exposure to a range of authors and reading genres and opportunities to value and celebrate reading across the curriculum. 

We continue to work collaboratively with parents and carers to encourage independent, enthusiastic learners who thrive and reach their full potential. Community involvement is also an essential part of the curriculum. Throughout their time in the Middle Unit, the children further grow a sense of belonging to our school, church and wider communities.

We work to support individual need, to ensure each pupil is supported to do their very best, working alongside parents and with outside agencies, where necessary, for all groups of students.