Radio Club

Our pupils at Hindlip and Tibberton CE First Schools LOVE their Radio Club.  All of our Y4 pupils have the opportunity to take part in our Radio Club and explore and report upon a theme relevant to our communities. They learn the skills of reporting, recording, editing and lots more!

We were proud to be shortlisted for the 2023 National Radio Awards for the categories of 'Best Podcast, with Times Radio' for our Rule of Law podcast.  We were also shortlisted in 2023 for the category 'Primary School Radio Station of the Year, with Fun Kids Radio.' 

We were proud to be winners of the National Radio 'Young Audio Awards 2022' for the 'Achievement within the Community Award'. We were also 2022 shortlisted nominees for 'Primary school Station of the Year'.

We were also shortlisted nominees for the 'Primary School Station of the Year' in 2019.

Young Arias 2019

Supported by our school PTAs and recently by a Wytchavon Council Community Grant, Radio Club has become an integral part of school life and our wider community. Children work together from both schools to explore different themes relevant to our school communities.

Please enjoy our episodes below.

What the children said:

'We have learnt so many things at Radio Club.  We have learnt lots of new skills like recording, interviewing and editing which have made us really confident when we are learning new things in class or meeting new people. 

One of the very best things is that we get the chance to teach people new things and this makes us feel really proud and confident. We have helped people learn all about British Values after we visited Fernhill House Care Home to find out how Britain has changed. We talked to Jack, who is nearly 100! He told us all about his life which was so amazing!

It is brilliant talking to different people, like Jeff the Minister from Fernhill Heath. We find out lots of things we did not know and can share what we found out.

Our schools had a British Values day to help us find out even more about Britain after our Podcast. The other children are always really interested in our shows and love TH Radio!'

Comments from: Chloe, Louise, Grace, Alyss, Daniel, Isaac, Josh, Oliver, Ben, Ethan, Hollie, and Wilson.

Our Radio Club is led by the amazing Mrs Letts, a freelance consultant and local historian who specialises in interviewing and recording people.

Find out more about Mrs Letts here!

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We were shortlisted for the 'Young Arias Awards.' It was an amazing red carpet event at BBC Broadcasting House in the Radio Theatre. We were very proud to be the only First School involved!

TH Radio Podcast on Reading

TH Radio Fire Safety Podcast 23

Long Version Rule of Law

Rule of Law Podcast

Processed Foods Podcast

Platinum Jubiliee

Community Programme Hindlip Radio

Due to COVID our friends at Hinlip produced the latest episode without us. They did brilliantly!

TH Radio Climate Change Video

As the world prepared for COP26 we prepared by exploring what we could do to help fight climate change...

Hindlip Radio Bull Meadow July 2021

Exploring an important community project.

TH RAdio Summer 1 Follow Your Dreams

COVID will not stop us following our dream!

The Art of Isolation - Ava and Cara's story

How did you deal with the isolation of the pandemic?

Tibberton TV Lockdown Programme

Locked down but still in action!

Mrs Jordan interview for World Book Day

Do you love books as much as we all do?

TH Radio Community Safety January 2020

Part of being in a community is looking after each other.

TH Radio Pets Programme

TH Radio Moving Schools 2019

TH Radio trip to BBC London

TH Radio on British Values

Christmas Programme 2018

WW1 Programme

Friendship Programme

Recycling Programme

Wildlife Programme

Road and Water Safety (Mar 2017)

Staying calm

Full interview with PC Katie

Tibberton Autumn Mix 2016

Edited Mr Morris

A Short Harvest Play

90 Years Young








The Great Blackberry Pick