The School Council 2023

Our School / Eco Council plays a leading role in School development. We have come up with lots of fantastic ideas to make our school a better place, support our community and the wider world. We also find ways to learn how to help look after the environment.

School-Council.jpg   IMG 5744

Did you know that the Council has been responsible for lots of changes at school?

  • Arranging interesting visitors to school
  • Fundraising and sponsoring a child in Kenya
  • Planting trees, plants and homes for mini-beasts
  • Saving electricity and recycling waste - check out our recycling area in the school lobby
  • Supporting the Droitwich Foodbank
  • Raising money for and supporting national and world-wide charities: Comic Relief. Children in Need, Christian Aid, Barnardo’s to name a few.

This year we are also raising money to get playground equipment to improve our playtimes and much, much more! 

We are democratic and so vote for our Council members, but we try to make sure that everyone has the chance to be involved in their time at Tibberton.  

Come in and have a look at our noticeboard in school!


Youth Council - Our Year 3 Councillors are now part of the Droitwich Youth Council with their peers from the local First, Middle and High Schools. They have started off this newly formed group by exploring what we like and what we would like to improve in our local area. They will be working with Wytchavon Council to choose some projects which will make a difference to our wider community.